Best Pressure Cooker Reviews – Top Rated Electric Pressure Cooker | Buyer’s Guide 2017

There are always one or two things in your possession that you are always grateful that you have purchased, either because it makes life easier for you or it just gets things done for you more quickly. A best pressure cooker can be classified as one of those things. It is fast, it is unique, it is handy to use, and it has a lot of functions. We will shed more light on some of these functions as we go. A best pressure cooker is one of those appliances that you must have to try out, so that you can truly have an understanding of everything it can do. After reading our pressure cooker reviews, it is our hope that you will be able to get one of the best electric pressure cooker on the market and that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The best electric pressure cooker can helps to take the stress out of your cooking, giving you fast and tasty results. Although you may not currently own a best pressure cooker at this moment, it is one of those products that lasts for a lot of years and produces good food time and time again. Here at ChoosePressureCooker, we are going to inspect all of the best rated  electric pressure cookers and review the disadvantages and advantages of them, so that you have a full grasp on them by the time we are done.

A pressure cooker is a very well-sealed pot, which in most cases is made out of either aluminium or steel. Pressure cookers were created for the purpose of preparing food at a speedy pace. The best pressure cookers make use of a steaming process, stimulated by the high temperature of a boiling liquid that you put inside of the pot. Since the pot is sealed, the steam that builds up inside increases the pressure within the container, thereby hastening up the cooking mechanism at a considerably high temperature. If the inventor Denis Papin were to be alive today, he would be very pleased with himself for creating “the digester.” "The digester”was one of the first manufacturing attempts to create a product that could rapidly speed up the process of cooking. Thanks to the fast speed with which the whole procedure took, the product he made saved a lot of much-needed energy for powering through other important kitchen tasks. Remember, If you want a first-hand comprehensive breakdown of what to purchase, make sure that you take a look at our best pressure cooker reviews. Keeping ourselves on track, now that we know what a pressure cooker is all about, below is a breakdown of the more advanced things that you should look for in a best rated pressure cooker.
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What size is best for a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers typically come in a variety of sizes, making it easier to choose the size that fits your basic cooking needs. You can find them in sizes that range from something as small as two quarts, to as large as something eight quarts in size. The most prevalent pressure cookers in the market are from four to six quarts large. When trying to choose the right size of best pressure cooker for your household, make a count of how many people you intend to cook for regularly, this count will help you sum up the required size faster. Four quarts is ideal for a few people, while eight quarts can cook for a full family. If you have a moderate size family, you may want to look for something that is around six quarts in size.

Top 10 Best Rated Pressure Cookers 2017

NameMaterial TypeSizeDimensionsWeight
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1Stainless Steel5-6-8 Quarts13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches14.6 pounds
Power Pressure Cookern/a10 Quarts38 x 37 x 38 inches19.2 pounds
Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1Stainless Steel5-6 12.6 x 11.8 x 10.2 inches14.6 pounds
Power Digital Non Stick Steam Slow Cooker and CannerStainless Steel6-815.5 x 14.3 x 14 inches17 pounds
GoWISE USA GW22623 4th-GenerationStainless Steel 6-8-12-1412 x 14 x 10 inches18 pounds
Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure CookerStainless-Steel5-6-7-8 16.1 x 9.8 x 9.2 inches7 pounds
Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure CookerStainless-Steel4-619 x 9.9 x 9.8 inches7.2 pounds
Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure CookerStainless-Steel817.4 x 11 x 10.5 inches18 pounds
All American Pressure Cooker CannerAluminum 10.5-15.5-21.5-25-30-41.514 x 13 x 14 inches14.8 pounds
Pressure Pro Pressure Cookern/a4-6-8-1015.5 x 15.5 x 16 inches22.5 pounds

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker-min

This pressure cooker has many functions in one; it saves you the trouble of having to buy different appliances for different functions. Instant Pot made this pressure cooker with seven different uses: Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Rice Cooker/Porridge Maker, Slow Cooker, Warmer, Yogurt Maker and Saute/Browning.

It has a large and simple display that is easily read and used. It has two settings for pressure cooking – low and high. Low is used for cooking delicate foods to prevent them from overcooking while high is used to cook fast and reduce cooking times by up to 70%. There are three slow cook and three saute temperatures to achieve the best results for anything you are cooking. The slow cooker allows you to choose a cooking time of between 30 minutes to 20 hours.

This pressure cooker comes with 14 present microprocessor-controlled programs such as Soup, Poultry, Porridge and Keep Warm, though you can manually set for yourself the time and temperature settings you need.

Instant Pot’s 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker is made of stainless steel with a 3-ply bottom that allows even heat retention and distribution. It is deemed the best electric pressure cooker among the multi-functional pressure cookers.

  • Many functionalities in one unit.
  • It is easy to clean after use as it is made of dishwasher safe stainless steel.

  • Rice tends to stick to the steel when using the Rice Cooker.

Power Pressure Cooker

Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 Qt-min

This digital pressure cooker helps you prepare slow-cooked meals faster than others, by up to 70%. The manufacturers claim it gives you delicious food, fast cooking speed, and an easy to use pressure cooks.

It has the largest capacity (10 quarts) in the Power Pressure-Cooker line of pressure cookers, hence you can cook a larger amount of food. It has several functions and can be used as a Slow Cooker, Soup Maker, Cookware, Canner, Rice Cooker, and Steamer. Once the food is done, the pressure cooker automatically switches to its Keep Warm mode which keeps the food warm till you serve it.

The digital display panel makes food preparation easy as you simply need to put your food into the pot then choose the setting you want from the preset ones, and wait for your food to cook. It comes with a safe lock lid that has a steam release and a non-stick inner pot for easy cooking.

It, however, takes this pressure cooker about 20 minutes to reach pressure, hence you should take this into consideration when choosing your overall cooking time. The settings to use for different dishes can, however, be confusing especially if you don’t use the recipes in the included recipe book.

  • The one-touch preset buttons make the food preparation easier

  • This pressure cooker tends to burn food cooked in the inner pot.
  • It takes much longer to cook food than the preset times.

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6-Quart 1000-Watt

This pressure cooker is multifunctional, combining six functions into one cooker: Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute/Browning, Warmer, and Slow Cooker. You are therefore able to get six different functions from one unit, saving up on space in your kitchen and money you could have used to purchase them as different appliances.

It has an easy-to-use control panel and display for choosing whichever setting, preset or manual, you want to use. It is programmed with three temperatures for slow cooking and sauteing or browning, hence you can cook your food to the level of doneness you want. You can set a timer to delay cooking for up to 24 hours, and if you choose to set the cooking time to up to two hours manually. It is the best pressure cooker if you want control over your cooking temperatures and time.

This pressure cooker comes with accessories such as a rice paddle, a soup spoon, a stainless steel steam rack, a measuring cup, cooking time tables and a recipe book for some foods you can prepare using the cooker. Its bottom is made of 3-ply stainless steel for even heat retention and distribution. The lid has a safety lock to prevent any accidental opening when in use.

  • It combines six appliances in one unit.

  • It does not cook rice well; the rice tends to overcook.

Power Pressure Cooker Non Stick Stainless Steel Steam Slow Cooker and Canner

Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart, Digital Non Stick Stainless Steel Steam Slow Cooker and Canner-min

This product is another from the Power Pressure Cooker line of products. It is a digital pressure cooker with the one-touch button technology – all you do is press a preset button, and your food will start cooking without you having to do much.

This pressure cooker combines six functions into one. You can use it as a Slow Cooker, Soup Maker, Cookware, Canner, Rice Cooker and Steamer.  It has an automatic Keep Warm option that automatically keeps your food warm after it is done, till you are ready to eat it. The pot is non-stick and dishwasher safe, hence it is easy to clean. It is large enough (8 quarts) to cook enough food for the entire family. Its slow cook function is faster than normal slow cooking

Its lid has a safe lock to prevent accidental opening and a manual steam release. It has an airtight lid that locks well to trap the heated steam inside to ensure proper cooking. The high pressure environment forces moisture to your food, hence locking in the food’s flavor and nutrients.

This pressure cooker is the one to get if you want different functions from one device and an easy one-button operation for quick meal preparation.

  • One-touch button cooking.
  • Combines six functions into one.

  • It takes time, more than five minutes, for it to reach the required pressure.

Go-WISE GW22623 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker

GoWISE USA GW22623 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker with steam rack, steam basket, rice scooper, and measuring cup, 8 QT-min

If you need a pressure cooker with eight functions, then the best electric pressure cooker to buy is this. It is an 8 in 1 cooker, with eight functions in the unit: Pressure Cooker, Egg Maker, Rice Cooker, Food Warmer, Bean Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Saute and Yogurt Maker.

This pressure cooker has 16 in built smart programs with 12 options of cooking that come with preset cooking times such as rice, steam, soup and slow cook. The preset temperatures and cooking times make cooking easier for you. It comes with pressure options, high and low, and temperature settings for the slow cooker, which allows you to choose how you want your food cooked. One can also manually set the time that you want your food cooked. It has two LED LDC displays, one for the cooker-time and another for the pressure. There is a delay-timer that lets you set the time after which you want the food to start cooking, and buttons that allow you to reduce or increase the pressure with which food is being cooked.

  • It has 16 functions built into one device.

  • It occasionally does not reach the required pressure.

Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker, 7 qt-min

This pressure cooker is the best stovetop pressure cooker from the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top line of pressure cookers. It is known for its waffle-textured cooking surface for fat-free browning and sautéing.

It has a side surface area to contact heat, hence it comes up to pressure much faster than other pressure cookers from Kuhn Rikon. Its aluminum bottom is sandwiched between stainless steel for even heat absorption and browning. It comes with a trivet for steaming, and its airtight lid enables nutrients to be locked into the food.

Its lid has an automatic locking system for safety and a spring-loaded precision valve that locks the lid when the pressure cooker is in use. It has several other safety measures such as the lid twists onto the cooker’s pot for a tight lock, there is a rubber gasket to ensure a tight seal and prevent steam from escaping the pot, and a vent that releases steam if the pressure is too high.

This pressure cooker is large enough (7 quarts) to make seven to eight food servings. It has two handles, including a loop handle, for easy lifting when in use. It is involving when cleaning it, as you have to hand wash each component of the pressure cooker.

  • The helper handle makes the handling of the pressure cooker easier.

  • It has only one pressure setting.

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker-min

This pressure cooker from Presto cooks your food up to ten times much faster than normal cooking methods, saving you much time and energy.

It automatically maintains the pressure required for cooking using the pressure regulator; you don’t have to keep on checking the pressure. It is the best pressure cooker for cooking meat, fish, and poultry fast. It preserves the nutrients and flavors in the foods cooked in it and tenderizes any lean cuts of meat.

It has a lock indicator for showing when the cooker has pressure, to prevent anyone from opening the cover until the pressure is reduced. It has a helper handle for easy lifting when in use. This pressure cooker has four safety measures: an inner sealing ring to keep the steam in, a steam release mechanism, a pop-up pressure indicator and an over-pressure plug to let off any steam that builds up too high.

It cooks food without losing any moisture and comes with a recipe book that has over 65 recipes for different meals, from entrees to vegetables and main meals. It is easy to clean as you can fully immerse it in water when cleaning, though you have to use nonabrasive cleaners and a small brush to clean he vent pipe.

  • The strong helper handle makes it easier to lift the pressure cooker.

  • The screws in the handles start to rust after a while.

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker-min

Presto’s 8-Quart pressure cooker allows you to cook food for a small or a large group of people, including poultry and meats, over a short period of time, and to perfection.

It is made from stainless steel with an aluminum base that is sandwiched by the steel, for fast and even heating of food. It comes with a pressure regulator steam release valve to maintain the exact pressure required to cook food at the ideal pressure and time without damaging the nutrients or flavors. An over-pressure plug lowers the pressure if it is excess, an inner sealing ring maintains an airtight environment for proper pressure buildup, and a lock indicator shows you if the pressure is high or low, to prevent you from opening the lid when the pressure is too high.

This pressure cooker includes a stainless steel steaming basket that allows you to cook multiple foods at the same time without combining the flavors. It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe, though you have to remove the gasket, the pressure regulator, and the over-pressure plug and clean them by hand. It comes with a 64-recipe booklet that you can use to prepare meals easily.

  • You can cook multiple foods using this pressure cooker without mixing the flavors.

  • It has only one pressure setting.

All American 10-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner

All American 10-12-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner-min

This All American pressure cooker is the best stovetop pressure cooker with a canner. It is the best canner for all your needs, as it can hold four-quart jars or seven-pint ones.

It has clamping locks, aligning the cover to the base to form a steam-tight seal and an easy on-off  for easy opening and closing. It is made of durable aluminum with an attractive satin finish that is easy to clean. Its top handle is made of sturdy phenolic. Its sealing system is metal-to-metal to allow for a steam-tight seal, which allows venting under high-pressure conditions much better than rubber gaskets.

It has an easy-to-read steam system, and an automatic over-pressure release for when the pressure is too high. It has three pressure settings to allow you to choose how you want your food cooked, and a precision machined weight regulator for precise pressure control.

This pressure cooker makes the process of canning meat, fish, fruits and vegetables easy. The heat generated by the pressure cooker kills bacteria better than a hot water bath, making this method of canning suitable for canning vegetables and low-acid foods. It is suitable for use on electric, gas, and flat top stoves.

  • It is the best way of canning your fruit, meat, and vegetables.

  • It is heavy to lift when loaded due to the metal used to make it.

Pressure Pro Pressure Cooker

Pressure Pro Pressure Cooker- 10qt

This pressure cooker is one touch and cooks your food fast, up to ten times much faster than the traditional cooking methods, at the touch of a button.

To use this pressure cooker, you simply put your food into the pot, select the one-touch setting you require and wait for your food to cook. It comes with two pressure settings, high and low, for flexibility when cooking food. The one-touch buttons are pre-programmed with the required pressure and enough cooking time for different foods. It can be used as a slow cooker, a rice steamer, and a smoker.

This pressure cooker can be used to can your foods and fruits and is the best pressure cooker when used to cook quick meals. It has a non-stick inner pot and a stainless steel safe-lock lid for safety when using the pressure cooker. It has an automatic Keep Warm mode that it switches to when food is done cooking, to keep it warm for you to you serve it. It is made with a delay timer that allows you to choose the time when you want the food to start cooking, and a digital display panel that is clear and easy to read.

  • It can be used as a canner as well as a pressure cooker.

  • Food tends to stick to the bottom of the pot.


Types of Pressure Cookers:

There are two main types of pressure cookers;the Stove top pressure cooker and the Electric pressure cooker. Each of these best pressure cookers offer different benefits for the consumer. To help you decide which one is the best for you, we have broken them down below:

Stovetop pressure cookers are easy to operate, as long as you read a bit of the manual beforehand, then you should be good to go. One of the biggest benefits of a stovetop pressure cooker, is that they are great at searing your food. In fact, the main advantage that these cookers have over electric pressure cookers is that they are much easier to use for searing or browning. Stovetops have the ability to quickly build up their pressure and are therefore capable of cooking food at very fast speeds. Stovetops also have a variety of pressure levels which can be managed manually. This feature is of huge benefit to people who like to supervise their cooking,since you get to choose and adjust the pressure yourself to accurately fit the kind of preparation you want to get done.
An electric pressure cooker gives you the option of just putting all of your ingredients in at once and just leaving it to cook. An electric cooker, unlike the stove top cooker, does all the needed time regulations and adjustments by itself. All you have to do, is set it to the required time and the rest of the cooking process is carried out by the cooker. An electric pressure cooker is perfect for space management and cooking multiple things at the same time as well. An electric pressure cooker usually comes with various functional buttons which can be used for things like slow cooking, steaming and so on.

What Foods you can Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

One of the best things about a pressure cooker is that you can cook so many different meals inside it. If you boil something or cook something in a pot, a pressure cooker can do the job faster. A pressure cooker is awesome for meat that needs to be tenderized and is amazing at cooking things like soups, stews, beans and vegetables.

How do you know how long to cook something for?

Knowing how long to cook something for, is honestly the hardest part about cooking with a pressure cooker. If you are cooking meat, you want to make sure that it is cooked all the way through before you eat it. Additionally, if you are cooking something like beans or rice, you don’t want to leave these kinds of items in your pressure cooker for too long, so that they don’t burn. Generally speaking, you will find that a pressure cooker guide comes with your cooker. Some best pressure cookers will also have settings or labels directly on the device as well, which can give you a good estimated time. It can definitely take some practice to be able to cook food properly with a pressure cooker, but after using it a few times you will get a much better idea as to just how fast things cook inside of it. One of, if not the most important things to remember when cooking with a pressure cooker, is that you need to put enough liquid inside of the container,so that the product you are cooking doesn’t burn to the bottom or the sides of the unit.

How to Clean Pressure Cooker

Since a pressure cooker is structured in such a way that the lid is shut tightly when it is in use, the fear of spills or splashes is highly mitigated. Another huge benefit of this design is that there should be little to no stains left over after using a pressure cooker. There can, however, be food particles or liquid left underneath the lid of a pressure cooker, but this should not pose a problem as most of them are manufactured so that they can be cleaned easily. Generally speaking, pressure cookers are designed so that the interior pots can be removed out of them and put into a dishwasher for quicker and more convenient cleaning.

Advantages of a Pressure Cooker:

  • When you cook food normally, it loses liquid and its nutrients along with it; a pressure cooker keeps much more of those nutrients
  • Don’t have to worry about spills and burns
  • Small size of the pressure cooker means you don’t have to have a lot of room to store it away
  • Ability to cook all sorts of food
  • Functions such as steam and slow cook are available depending on the unit that you purchase
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to transport from place to place

Disadvantages of a Pressure Cooker:

  • Food may come out too hot to eat right away
  • Can’t add ingredients while you are cooking
  • Can’t check tenderness
  • Can’t reduce the amount of evaporation or liquid in the cooker
  • Can’t check the temperature of meat inside of the cooker[/tab][/tabs]

Are Pressure Cookers safe?

Compared to older kinds of pressure cookers, the newer types are far safer to use and come with all sorts of security measures on them to avoid mishaps while in use. Many best pressure cookers come with handles, which remain cool even when the cooker is at its highest temperature. These handles are ideal for transporting your food from place to place without worrying about both losing your grip and burning yourself during the process. The lids on pressure cookers are created to lock firmly onto the pot,thereby avoiding any accidental leaks which can cause burns or scalding. There are guiding bodies,which are operational in countries like Europe and the United States,that monitor the production of pressure cookers to ensure that they meet all the safety and regulatory requirements needed for manufacturing.

How do you release the pressure of a pressure cooker?

If you want to be able to safely release the pressure, you can’t just rip the lid off of a unit and hope for the best. The recommended method for removing pressure from a cooker is to let it sit anywhere from five to ten minutes after cooking to let it cool down. This method is recommended because it does the least amount of damage to the unit and poses the lease amount of risk for you. If you want to do something a little more risky and risk damaging your unit over time, another method you can use is the cold water method. To release the pressure, set the pressure cooker inside of the sink. Turn on the cold water and run the water on the outside edge of the pot. It is important to make sure that you don’t run it over the vents or the valve of the unit so that you don’t ruin your food and your cooker. The last method that you can use to help relieve pressure, is to use the quick release valve. It is important to note that you should not use the quick release valve method when cooking meat as it can cause the meat to turn tough. Additionally, make sure that you don’t use this method for cooks that are mostly liquid as the quick release may clog.

Things you should not do:

Monitoring the amount of liquid in your pressure cooker is extremely important. You should never fill the pot more than halfway up with liquid, otherwise you may find that you have too much condensation.Having too much liquid can cause your food to take longer to cook than it should. If you want to be safe, make sure that you aren’t overloading your cooker. A best pressure cooker is meant to be able to cook food when it is spread out; disrupting this can result in poorly cooked food or areas of the food that are more cooked than others. You shouldn’t leave your pressure cooker unattended. Although this device is built to be safe, if you have pets or kids around, this is definitely a device that can both burn you and cause you serious injury.

Final Verdict:

Every kitchen, whether it is an industrial kitchen or a home, needs a pressure cooker. The best pressure cooker, as we already know, saves a lot of energy. It helps you to be able to cook 70% faster than that of regular household appliances,and due to their unique designs, they can also be used to preserve food. Since pressure cookers prevent food spills, another thing that you are going to love about them, is that you will have less of a clean up after you are done cooking. These units are designed not to allow any escape of air or fluid, which allows them to be able to retain most of the nutrients found within the confines of the food in the pot. The quantity of the food a pressure cooker can prepare at once is not a problem, as the time it takes to cook things is so low and you can always buy multiple pressure cookers to cook in. Always remember that in the case of damage or loss to the unit, the seal can easily be replaced.Hope that after reading this article, you have learned some things about

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